Tuesday, March 29, 2016

       Immoveable our hope remains,
       Within the veil our anchor lies;
       Jesus, who wash'd us from our stains,
       Shall bear us safely to the skies.

       Strong in his strength, we boldly say,
       For us Immanuel shed his blood;
       Who then shall tear our shield away,
       Or part us from the love of God?

       Can tribulation or distress,
       Or persecution's fiery sword?
       Can Satan rob us of our peace,
       Or prove too mighty for the Lord?

       Founded on Christ, secure we stand,
       Sealed with his Spirit's inward seal;
       We soon shall gain the promis'd land,
       Triumphant o'er the pow'rs of hell.

       The winds may roar, the floods may beat;
       And rain impetuous descend;
       Yet will he not his own forget,
       But love and save them to the end.

       Jesus acquits, and who condemns?
       Cease, Satan, from thy fruitless strife:
       Thy malice cannot reach our names,
       To blot them from the book of life.

       This is eternal life to know,
       God and the Lamb for sinners giv'n,
       Nor will the Saviour let us go,
       His ransom'd citizens of heav'n.

       Us to redeem his life he paid,
       And will he not his purchase have?
       Who can behold Immanuel bleed,
       And doubt his willingness to save?

       Surely the son hath made us free,
       Who earth and heav'n and hell commands;
       Our cause of triumph this—that we
       Are graven on the Saviour's hands.

       To Him who washed us in his blood,
       And lifts apostate man to heav'n,
       Who reconciles his sheep to God,
       Be everlasting glory giv'n.
                                             Augustus Toplady

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