Sunday, March 6, 2016

     One thing I know—I cannot speak for others, but I can speak for myself; I cannot read other minds and other hearts; I cannot read the Bible and lay hold for others; but I can read for myself, and take God at his word.  The great trouble is that people take everything in general, and do not take it to themselves.  Suppose a man should say to me, "Moody, there was a man in Europe who died last week, and left five million dollars to a certain individual."
     "Well," I say, "I don't doubt that; it's rather a common thing to happen," and I don't think anything more about it. 
     But suppose he says, "But he left the money to you." 
     Then I pay attention; I say, "To me?" 
     "Yes, he left it to you."
     I become suddenly interested.  I want to know all about it.  So we are apt to think Christ died for sinners; He died for everybody, and for nobody in particular.  But when the truth comes to me that eternal life is mine, and all the glories of Heaven are mine, I begin to be interested.  I say, "Where is the chapter and verse where it says I can be saved?"  If I put myself among sinners, I take the place of the sinner, then it is that salvation is mine and I am sure of it for time and eternity.
                                                                                                                                         D. L. Moody

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