Monday, March 28, 2016

    The Bread of Life died on this earth;
    redeeming grace flowed from Christ's side;
    He offers now the second birth;
    how blest the soul where Christ abides!

    My soul was faint; my soul was weak;
    my soul did ask for living bread;
    His cleansing grace my soul did seek;
    how blest the soul if Christ's the Head!

    Unto His side, He led the way;
    my soul was fed by His dear self;
    my dreadful sins He's washed away;
    how blest my soul for Christ Himself!

    Since Christ, the Bread of Life, is mine,
    He gives not crumbs, but gives His whole
    and bids me daily on Him dine;
    how truly blessed is my soul!
                                                       M. Robbins

I am the living bread which came down from heaven.... John 6:51

.....A crumb that falleth from Christ's table, hath in it the nature of bread.  Some weak ones complain, Oh, I have not the heart of God, like David, nor the strong faith of Abraham, to offer my son to death for Christ; nor the burning fire of the zeal of Moses, to wish my name may be razed out of the book of life, that the Lord may be glorified; nor the high esteem of Christ, to judge all but loss and dung for Jesus Christ, as Paul did.  But what if Christ set the whole loaf before the children?  Is it not well, if thou lie but under Christ's feet, to have the crumbs of mercy that slip through the fingers of Christ?  The lowest room in heaven, even behind the door, is heaven.  1.  There is the lowest measure, or grain of saving grace, and it is saving grace; a drop of dew is water, no less than the great globe and sphere of the whole element of water, is water; a glimmering of morn-dawning light is light, and of the same nature with the noon-light that is in the great body of the sun:  the motion of a child newly formed in the belly, act of life, no less than the walking and breathing of a man of thirty years of age, in his flower and highest vigour of life; the first stirrings of the new birth, are the workings and operations of the Holy Spirit; and the love of God, even now shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost, shall remain the same in nature with us in heaven, (1 Cor. 13:8-10).  2.  Christ doth own the bruised reed, and the smoking flax, so far forth, as not to crush the one, nor to quench the other; and can with tender cautiousness of compassion, stoop, and with his arm go between the lamb on the margin and brink of hell, as to save it from falling down headlong over the brow of the mountain.....
     We should have tender hearts toward weak ones; considering, 1.  That Christ cannot disinherit a son for weakness.  2.  Love is not broken with a straw, or a little infirmity.  3.  All the vessels of Christ's house are not of one size.  4.  Some men's infirmities are as transparent crystal, easily seen through; others have infirmities under their garments.  5.  We shall see many in heaven, whom we judged to be cast-aways, while they lived with us on earth.  6. Many go to heaven with you, and you hear not the sound of their feet in their journey.                             
                                                                                                                           Samuel Rutherford    

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