Tuesday, April 19, 2016

     It is the prayer of Hezekiah in his trouble, "O Lord, I am oppressed, undertake for me" (Isa. 38:14); it is the prayer of Job for a "daysman" to stand between him and God (Job 9:33); it is the cry of the church before the Incarnation for the appearance of a Divine Mediator; it is the confidence of every faithful soul since that blessed time in the perpetual intercession of our great High Priest in heaven, which is to us the pledge of future blessedness.
                                                                                           Agellius and Cocceius, in Neale and Littledale


     What David prays to God to be for him, that Christ is for all his people:  Heb. 7:22.  He drew nigh to God, struck hands with him, gave his word and bond to pay the debts of his people; put himself in their law-place and stead, and became responsible to law and justice for them; engaged to make satisfaction for their sins, to bring in everlasting righteousness for their justification, and to preserve and keep them, and bring them safe to eternal glory and happiness; and this was being a surety for them for good.
                                                                                                                                       John Gill

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