Saturday, April 9, 2016

    'Tis finished!  The Messias dies,
    Cut off for sins, but not his own:
    Accomplished is the sacrifice,
    The great redeeming work is done.

    'Tis finished! all the debt is paid;
    Justice divine is satisfied;
    The grand and full atonement made;
    God for a guilty world hath died.

    The veil is rent in Christ alone;
    The living way to heaven is seen;
    The middle wall is broken down,
    And all mankind may enter in.

    The types and figures are fulfilled;
    Exacted is the legal pain;
    The precious promises are sealed;
    The spotless Lamb of God is slain.

    The reign of sin and death is o'er,
    And all may live from sin set free;
    Satan hath lost his mortal power;
    'Tis swallowed up in victory.

    Saved from the legal curse I am,
    My Saviour hangs on yonder tree:
    See there the meek, expiring Lamb!
    'Tis finished! he expires for me.

    Accepted in the Well-beloved,
    And clothed in righteousness divine,
    I see the bar to heaven removed;
    And all thy merits, Lord, are mine.

    Death, hell, and sin are now subdued;
    All grace is now to sinners given;
    And lo, I plead the atoning blood,
    And in thy right I claim thy heaven!
                                                       Charles Wesley

.....When our divines say, Christ took our place, and we have his condition; Christ was made us, and made the sinner; it is true only in a legal sense: as we say, the advocate is the client, or the guilty man, because the advocate beareth his name and person; and what the accused man could in law say before the judge, in his own defense, that the advocate saith for him.  The advocate saith, 'I cannot in law die for this crime, for such reasons.'  So the surety in law, or in a legal substitution, is the broken man.  The surety saith, 'The debt is mine, all the wants, all the poverty, all the debts and burdens of my broken friend be on me;'—and the rich surety having paid all, can say, 'I have paid all; I am in law free.'  My friend and surety hath done all, and paid all for me; and that is as good, in the court of justice, as if I had paid in my own person all.  For the truth is, there be not two debts, and two bonds, and two sums, nor two debtors; the broken man and the surety are in law but one person, one party addebted—which of them pay, it is all one to law and justice:  it is all one sum they owe.  The believer in Christ is put in Christ's law-place, and Christ by law is put in his place.  Christ, made surety, saith, 'I am the sinner, O Justice, all my broken friends' wants, all their debts be upon me; my life for their life, my soul for my brethren's souls, my glory, my heaven, for my kinsmen's glory and heaven.'  The law's bloody bond, was the curse of God upon the sinner, upon the debtor:  Christ changed bonds and obligations with us, and putteth out our name, and putteth in his own name in the bloody bond; and where the law readeth, 'the curse of God upon the debtor,' Christ is assigned to this bond, and the gospel readeth it, 'the curse of God upon the rich surety.' (Gal. 3:13.)  Hear then the boldness of faith:   "Now, then, there is no condemnation to those that are in Jesus Christ."  What challenges Satan or conscience can make against the believer (for justice being put to silence by Christ, maketh none) hear an answer:  'I was condemned.  I was judged.  I was crucified for sin, when my surety, Christ, was condemned, judged, and crucified for my sins; and what would you have more of a man than his life?  It was a man's life and soul, my life, that my surety offered up to God for sin, and I have paid all, because my surety hath paid all.'  And the truth is, it is not two debts, one that the believer owes to God's justice, and another that Christ paid; but the debt that Christ paid is our very debt, and sins, which he did bear on his own body the tree, (1 Pet. 2:24)..... 
                                                                                                                                   Samuel Rutherford

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