Friday, April 15, 2016

    O Thou who didst thy glory leave
    Apostate sinners to retrieve
    From nature's deadly fall;
    Me thou hast purchased with a price,
    Nor shall my crimes in judgment rise,
    For thou hast borne them all.

    Jesus was punished in my stead,
    Without the gate my Surety bled,
    To expiate my stain;
    On earth the Godhead deign'd to dwell,
    And made of infinite avail,
    The suffr'ings of the man.

    And was he for his rebels giv'n?
    He was:  th' incarnate King of heav'n
    Did for his foes expire;
    Amaz'd, O earth, the tidings hear
    He bore, that we might never bear,
    His Father's righteous ire.

    Ye saints, the man of sorrows bless,
    The God for your unrighteousness
    Deputed to atone:
    Praise him till, with the heav'nly throng,
    Ye sing the never-ending song,
    And see him on his throne.
                                                 Augustus Toplady


         He gave me back the bond;
         It was a heavy debt;
         And as he gave he smiled and said,
         “Thou wilt not me forget.”

         He gave me back the bond;
         The seal was torn away;
         And as he gave he smiled and said,
         “Think thou of me alway.”

         That bond I still will keep,
         Although it canceled be,
         It tells me of the love of him
         Who paid the debt for me.

         I look on it and smile;
         I look again and weep;
         That record of his love for me
         I will for ever keep.

         It is a bond no more;
         But it shall ever tell
         All that I owed was fully paid
         By my Immanuel.
                                                                           Charles Stanley

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