Friday, April 1, 2016

     When Rev. Mr. Arnot was pastor of a church in Glasgow he heard of a woman in trouble.  She could not pay her debts and she could not pay her rent; so he went round to her house thinking he would help her.  He knocked at the door twice but no one came.  He knocked the third time very loud but all was still.  After waiting he made a great noise and at last left the house. 
     Some days after he met the woman in the street, and said, "I was at your house the other day.  I heard you were in trouble and went to help you."
     "Was that you?  I was in the house but I thought it was the landlord come for the rent and as I had not got the money I kept the door locked."
     That woman represents the sinner.  A sinner thinks God is coming to demand something.  God comes to give and bless. Jesus comes to pay the debt.
                                                                                                                                          D. L. Moody

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