Saturday, January 30, 2016

1.  Men generally adopt when they have no children of their own.  But God had a Son, His dear Son, His well-beloved Son.  He had angels.

2.  Men generally adopt such as they think deserving; God adopts criminals, traitors, enemies.

3.  Men adopt living children; God, those that are by nature spiritually dead.

4.  Man generally adopts one only; God adopts many.
                                                                        G. S. Bowes


Adoption is that act of God by which we who were alienated, and enemies, and disinherited, are made the sons of God, and heirs of His eternal glory.
                                                        R. Watson


By adoption God gives us—

1.  A new nature (2 Pet. 1:3)
2.  A new name (Rev. 3:12)
3.  A new inheritance (Rom. 8:17)
4.  New relations (Rom. 8:15-16)
5.  A new hope (1 Pet. 1:3)
                                                  John Bate

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