Thursday, January 28, 2016

Sometimes the soul, because it hath somewhat remaining in it of the principle that it had in its old condition, is put to question, whether it be a child of God or not; and thereupon, as in a thing of the greatest importance, puts in its claim, with all the evidences that it hath to make good its title.  The spirit comes and bears witness in this case.  It is an allusion to judicial proceedings in point of titles.  The judge being set, the person concerned lays his claim, produceth his evidences, and pleads them; his adversaries endeavouring all that in them lies to disannul his plea.  In the midst of the trial a person of known and approved integrity comes into the court, and gives testimony fully and directly on behalf of the claimer, which stops the mouth of all his adversaries, and fills the man with joy and satisfaction.  So is it in this case.  The soul, by the power of its own conscience, is brought before the law of God; there a man puts in his plea, that he is a child of God, that he belongs to God's family; and for this end produceth all his evidences, everything whereby faith gives him an interest in God.  Satan, in the mean time, opposeth with all his might; many flaws are found in his evidences; the truth of them all is questioned, and the soul hangs in suspense as to the issue.  In the midst of the contest the Comforter comes, and overpowers the heart with a comfortable persuasion, and bears down all objections, that his plea is good, and that he is a child of God.  When our spirits are pleading their right and title, He comes in and bears witness on our side.  At the same time enabling us to put forth acts of filial obedience, crying "Abba, Father" (Gal. 4:6).
                                                                                                                                                Dr. J. Owen

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