Saturday, January 2, 2016

I am trusting in the promise,
Of the blessed King of kings,
That my soul shall dwell in safety,
‘Neath the shadow of His wings.

I am trusting in the promise
Of His all protecting care,
For His blessed word assures me
He will hear and answer pray’r.

I am trusting in the promise;
And, whatever may betide,
There is naught on earth can harm me
If in Him I still abide.

I am trusting in the promise
That will never, never fail;
It will be my sweetest comfort,
‘Till I rest within the vail.
I am trusting, trusting,
Trusting in the promise of the Saviour;
I am trusting, trusting,
Trusting His unchanging word.
                     Fanny J. Crosby

For all the promises of God in him are yea, and in him Amen, unto the glory of God by us.  2 Cor 1:20

Let no appearing impossibilities make you question God’s accomplishment of any of his gracious words.  Though you cannot see how the thing can be done, ‘tis enough if God hath said that he will do it.  There can be no obstructions to promised salvation which we need to fear.  He who is the God of this salvation and the Author  of the promise will prepare his own way for the doing of his own work, so that “every valley shall be filled, and every mountain and hill shall be brought low.” Luke 3:5.  Though the valleys be so deep that we cannot see the bottom, and the mountains so high that we cannot see the tops of them, yet God knows how to raise the one and level the other.  Isaiah 63:1.  “I that speak in righteousness (or faithfulness) am mighty to save.”  If anything would keep back the kingdom of Christ, it would be our infidelity; but he will come though he should find no faith on the earth.  See Rom. 3:3.  Cast not away your confidence because he defers his performances.  Though providences run cross, though they move backwards and forwards, you have a sure and faithful word to rely upon.  Promises, though they be for a time seemingly delayed, cannot be finally frustrated.  Dare not to harbour such a thought within yourselves as Psalm 77:8; “Doth his promise fail for evermore?”  The being of God may as well fail as the promise of God.  That which does not come in your time, will be hastened in his time, which is always the more convenient season.  Accuse him not of slowness who hath said, “I come quickly,” that is, he comes as soon as all things are ready and ripe for his appearance.  ‘Tis as true that “the Lord is not slack concerning his promise” (2 Peter 3:9), as that he is never guilty of breaking his promise.  Wait, therefore, how long soever he tarry; do not give over expecting:  the heart of God is not turned though his face be hid; and prayers are not flung back, though they be not instantly answered.
                                                                                                                                Timothy Cruso

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