Tuesday, January 19, 2016

     Now, reader, does not all this prove to us, in the most striking manner, the immense importance of individual faithfulness?  Is it not eminently calculated to encourage us to stand for the truth of God, cost what it may?.....
.....we must refer the reader to Daniel 3.....There he will see what morally glorious results can be reached by individual faithfulness to the true God, at a moment when Israel's national glory was gone—their city and temple in ruins.  The three worthies refused to worship the golden image.  They dared to face the wrath of the king, to withstand the universal voice of the empire, yea, to meet the fiery furnace itself, rather than disobey.  They could surrender life, but they could not surrender the truth of God.
     And what was the result?  A splendid victory!  They walked through the furnace with the Son of God, and were called forth from the furnace as witnesses and servants of the Most High God.  Glorious privilege! wondrous dignity! and all the simple result of obedience.  Had they gone with the crowd, and bowed the head in worship to the national god, in order to escape the dreadful furnace, see what they would have lost!  But, blessed be God, they were enabled to stand fast in the confession of the grand foundation-truth of the unity of the Godhead—that truth which had been trampled underfoot amid the splendors of Solomon's reign; and the record of their faithfulness has been penned for us by the Holy Spirit in order to encourage us to tread, with firm step, the path of individual devotedness, in the face of a God-hating, Christ-rejecting world, and in the face of a truth-neglecting Christendom.  It is impossible to read the narrative and not have our whole renewed being stirred up and drawn out in earnest desire for more deep-toned personal devotedness to Christ and His precious cause.    
     Similar must be the effect produced by the study of Daniel 6.  We cannot allow ourselves to quote or expatiate; we can only commend the soul-stirring record to the attention of the reader.  It is uncommonly fine, and it furnishes a splendid lesson for this day of soft, self-indulgent, easy-going profession, in which it costs people nothing to give a nominal assent to the truths of Christianity; but in which, notwithstanding, there is so little desire or readiness to follow, with whole-hearted decision, a rejected Lord, or to yield an unqualified and unhesitating obedience to His commandments.
     How refreshing, in the face of so much heartless indifference, to read of the faithfulness of Daniel!  He, with unflinching decision, persisted in his holy habit of praying three times a day, with his window open toward Jerusalem, although he knew that the den of lions was the penalty of his act.  He might have closed his window and drawn his curtains and retired into the privacy of his chamber to pray, or he might have waited for the midnight hour, when no human eye could see or human ear hear him.  But no; this beloved servant of God would not hide his light under a bed or a bushel.  There was a great principle at stake.  It was not merely that he would pray to the one living and true God, but he would pray with "his windows open toward Jerusalem."  And why "toward Jerusalem"?  Because it was God's centre.  But it was in ruins.  True, for the present, and as looked at from a human stand-point; but to faith, and from a divine stand-point, Jerusalem was God's centre for His earthly people.  It was, and it shall be, beyond all question.  And not only so, but its dust is precious to Jehovah; and hence Daniel was in full communion with the mind of God when he opened his windows toward Jerusalem and prayed.  He had Scripture for what he did, as the reader may see by referring to 2 Chronicles 6.  "If they return to thee with all their heart and with all their soul in the land of their captivity, whither they have carried them captives, and pray toward their land, which Thou gavest unto their fathers, and toward the city which Thou hast chosen, and toward the house which I have built for Thy name."
     Here was Daniel's warrant.  This was what he did, utterly regardless of human opinions, and utterly regardless, too, of pains and penalties.  He would rather be thrown into the den of lions than surrender the truth of God; he would rather go to heaven with a good conscience than remain on earth with a bad one.
     And what was the result?  Another splendid triumph!  "Daniel was taken up out of the den, and no manner of hurt was found upon him, BECAUSE HE BELIEVED IN HIS GOD."
     Blessed servant! noble witness!  Assuredly he was the head on this occasion, and his enemies the tail.  And how?  Simply by obedience to the Word of God.  This is what we deem to be of such vast moral importance for this our day.  It is to illustrate and enforce this that we refer to those brilliant examples of individual faithfulness at a time when Israel's national glory was in the dust, their unity gone, and their polity broken up.  We cannot but regard it as a fact full of interest, full of encouragement, full of suggestive power, that in the darkest days of Israel's history as a nation we have the brightest and noblest examples of personal faith and devotedness.  We earnestly press this upon the attention of the Christian reader.  We consider it eminently calculated to strengthen and cheer up our hearts in standing for the truth of God at a moment like the present, when there is so much to discourage us in the general condition of the professing church.  It is not that we are to look for such speedy, striking, and splendid results as were realized in those cases to which we have referred.  This is by no means the question.  What we have to keep before our hearts is the fact that, no matter what may be the condition of the ostensible people of God at any given time, it is the privilege of the individual man of God to tread the narrow path and reap the precious fruits of simple obedience to the Word of God and the precious commandments of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
     This, we feel persuaded, is a truth for the day.  May we all feel its holy power.  We are in imminent danger of lowering the standard of personal devotedness because of the general condition.  This is a fatal mistake, yea, it is the positive suggestion of the enemy of Christ and His cause.  If Mordecai, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, and Daniel had acted thus, what would have been the result?
     Ah, no, reader; we have ever to bear in mind that our one great business is, to obey, and leave results with God.  It may please Him to permit His servants to see striking results, or He may see fit to allow them to wait for that great day that is coming, when there will be no danger of our being puffed up by seeing any little fruit of our testimony.  Be this as it may, it is our plain and bounden duty to tread that bright and blessed path indicated for us by the commandments of our precious and adorable Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  May God enable us, by the grace of His Holy Spirit, so to do.  May we cleave to the truth of God with purpose of heart, utterly regardless of the opinions of our fellow-men who may charge us with narrowness, bigotry, intolerance, and such like.  We have just to go on with the Lord!
                                                                                                                                    C. H. Mackintosh 

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