Friday, December 18, 2015

      A fulness resides in Jesus our head,
      And ever abides to answer our need:
      The Father's good pleasure has laid up in store
      A plentiful treasure to give to the poor.

      Whate'er be our wants, we need not to fear,
      Our numerous complaints his mercy will hear;
      His fulness shall yield us abundant supplies;
      His power shall shield us when dangers arise.

      The fountain o'erflows our woes to redress;
      Still more he bestows, and grace upon grace
      His gifts in abundance we daily receive;
      He has a redundance for all that believe.

      Whatever distress awaits us below,
      Such plentiful grace will Jesus bestow,
      As still shall support us, and silence our fear;
      For nothing can hurt us while Jesus is near.

      When troubles attend, or danger or strife,
      His love will defend and guard us thro' life:
      And when we are fainting, and ready to die,
      Whatever is wanting his hand will supply.

.....for with the LORD there is mercy, and with him is plenteous redemption.  Ps 130:7

.....For this plenteous redemption leaves behind it no more relics of man than Moses left hoofs of beasts behind him in Egypt.  It redeems not only from the fault, but from the punishment and in the punishment; not only a tanto, but a toto [not only from such, but also from all (sin and penalty)]; not only from the sense but from the fear of pain; and in the fault, not only from the guilt, but from the stain; not only from being censured, but from being questioned.  Or is it meant by a plenteous redemption that not only he leads captivity captive, but gives gifts unto men?  For what good is it to a prisoner to have his pardon, if he be kept in prison still for not paying his fees? but if the prince, together with the pardon, send also a largess (a free gift), that may maintain him when he is set at liberty, this, indeed, is a plenteous redemption; and such is the redemption that God's mercy procures unto us.  It not only delivers us from a dungeon, but puts us in possession of a palace; it not only frees us from eating bread in the sweat of our brows, but it restores us to Paradise, where all fruits are growing of their own accord; it not only clears us from being captives, but endears us to be children; and not only children, but heirs; and not only heirs, but coheirs with Christ; and who can deny this to be a plenteous redemption?  Or is it said a plenteous redemption in regard of the price that was paid to redeem us? for we are redeemed with a price, not of gold or precious stones, but with the precious blood of the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world.  For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son to be a ransom for us; and this I am sure is a plenteous redemption. 
                                                                                                                         Sir Richard Baker

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