Sunday, December 20, 2015

.....Thus it is with the people of God; let others talk of riches and honours; but there is none of them all do value true riches as they do.  But here is the difference:  one thinks he hath riches when he hath the command of a great deal of gold and silver; the other knows he hath riches when he hath Christ and grace, and can have good returns out of that other world.  And which of these is the wisest will erelong be seen.  One looks upon heaven and glory as a shadow, a fable, and the things of this world as the only realities; the other looks upon heaven, God, and eternity, as the greatest realities, and most worthy of his highest valuation and the things of this world as flying shadows, which cannot fill the arms of him that doth embrace them.  And under this apprehension and sense of things, no marvel that he doth prefer the substance before the shadow.  He believes with that worthy, that he was born for other things than to eat and drink, and sleep, or to take his pleasure, or to get an estate; he knows that the business in this world is to provide for another, to get his peace made with God, to contemplate heaven, and to get thither.....                                    
                                                                                                                         James Janeway

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