Monday, December 7, 2015

Ye are thereunto called, that ye should inherit a blessing.  I Peter  3:9

     Wonderful and glorious fact, that God has decreed and appropriated to you this blessing whereby all the riches of his grace and everything good are yours!.....What price would you not gladly pay for this blessing, were it purchasable, instead of being freely given, without any merit, and were you privileged to buy the assurance of heart which would say, "I know I am a child of God, who has received me into his grace, and I live in the sure hope that I will be eternally blessed and saved."  Think, what a vast difference God makes between you and others because you are a Christian.  He has appointed you to be an heir of everlasting grace and blessing and of eternal life.....
     If men would take this to heart, it would be easy by teaching and persuasion to win them to friendship and kindness toward their fellow men; to induce them not to return evil or reviling from a motive of revenge, but when their own privileges and protection and the punishment of evil cannot be obtained, quietly and peaceably to suffer injury......Christians have excellent reason and a powerful motive for being patient and not revengeful or bitter in the fact that they are so richly blessed of God and given that great glory whereof they cannot be deprived, nor suffer its loss.....Only see that you keep a quiet conscience and a loving heart, not allowing yourself, on account of the devil and wicked men, to be disturbed and deprived of your good conscience, your peaceful heart.....
                                                                                                     Martin Luther

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