Monday, December 21, 2015

Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.  Hebrew 4:16

1.  From this encouragement, he draweth another direction, to come boldly to God in prayer for everything whereof we stand in need.  Then, the Apostle alloweth unto the believer,  1.  Certain persuasion of the acceptation of his person: he biddeth him Come boldly.  2.  He alloweth certain persuasion of the granting of his prayers, in the matter namely of grace and mercy; which includeth the remission of sins.

2.  The Throne of Grace, or the Mercy Seat, was above the ark, within the Sanctuary, and represented God in Christ reconciled to His people, gracious and merciful unto them.  To this he alludeth, and by this means teacheth us, 1.  That the substance of that typical Mercy Seat, is to be found in Christ under the Gospel.  In Him God is ever to be found, on His Throne of Grace, 2.  That the veil of the ceremonial Sanctuary, is rent in Christ's suffering, and an open door made unto the Holiest, unto every believer, and not for the Highest alone, to enter in, 3. That God layeth aside His terror and rigor of justice, when His own come unto Him in Christ, and offereth access unto the Throne of Grace, unto them.

3.  He will have us coming with boldness to obtain Mercy, including himself with the faithful, and joining the meanest of the faithful to whom he writeth in the same privilege with himself.  Then, 1.  Free liberty to expound all our mind to God, as the word importeth, without employing the mediation of saint or angel, or any beside Christ, is one of the privileges of Christian religion.  2.  This privilege is common to the meanest of the faithful, with the chiefest Apostles.  3.  There is mercy to be had for such as come for removing of every sin, and remedy of every misery.

4.  He setteth before them the hope of Grace, to help in time of need.   Importing Hereby, 1.  That albeit, for the present, possibly, we be not touched with the sense of Wants, Straights, and Difficulties, yet we are to expect, that time of need will come.  2.  That it is good to foresee this, and make provision, in the time of Grace, in this acceptable Day, while God is on His Throne of Grace.  3.  That our prayers, if they get not an answer presently, yet shall they get an answer in the time of need.  When our need cometh, then shall our Help come also.
                                                                                                                                    David Dickson

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