Thursday, December 3, 2015

Attend, while God's exalted Son
Doth his own glories show;
"Behold I sit upon my throne
Creating all things new.

"Nature and sin are pass'd away,
And the old Adam dies;
My hands a new foundation lay,
See the new world arise.

"I'll be a sun of righteousness
To the new heavens I make;
None but the new-born heirs of grace
My glories shall partake."

Mighty Redeemer, set me free
From my old state of sin;
O make my soul alive to thee,
Create new powers within.

Renew mine eyes, and form mine ears,
And mould my heart afresh;
Give me new passions, joys, and fears,
And turn the stone to flesh.

Far from the regions of the dead,
From sin, and earth, and hell,
In the new world that grace has made
I would for ever dwell.
                            Isaac Watts

But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise.....Malachi 4:2

.....The wicked have this world, and they have it as the men of this world.  They bruick (enjoy) it as "the men of this earth," as it is Psalms 10:18.  And the world it is their patrimony and hire.  The believers have the world also, but in another manner than they have, for we have it only as our inns, to stay in while we are here, and not as our patrimony and hire.....That is the difference betwixt the heir and him who is only a servant, for the son has always the estate prepared for him, but the servant he gets no more than his penny (wages) fee, and when all is done he is put to the door.  Whatever the natural men in the world have we have it also, but we have it after a surer way than they have it.....
.....They have the sun and the moon and these other profits and pleasures in the world to laugh upon them; but we have Him who made all things and can undo them when He will, to laugh upon us, and that is much better.....
.....They have bread for their use; but we have the staff of bread, which is better.  And--they have ofttimes a fairer wind in their sails than we have here; but yet they have not law-burrows (legal security) of it that it shall be always so.  They have more of court and pleasure, profit and ease, more than we have while we are here--and it is true that we have the cross more than they ofttimes; but they are not sure that it shall continue so.  But albeit they have these things, and we want them, yet we have that which is spoken of Romans 8:37 - "We are more than conquerors through Him that loved us."  They have court and kings upon their side, and we have them not; yet this is enough against them all, that we have Him upon our side who to this hour never tint (lost) a battle, whatever party He had against Him.  They have.....the powers of the world with them, yet God be thanked that we have Him for us who guides all these at His pleasure.  We have Him on our side who gets that stately style ascribed to Him - Revelation 1:5 - "The Prince of the kings of the earth," so that all others, were they never so great, all of them are under Him.  And so we may see they have no reason to tire who have sided themselves in a covenant with the Son of God, for before all be said that is to be said, and before the field be done, we shall be forced to say that we have gotten the highest of the brae above our enemies, and that the shadow of the Sun of Righteousness has looked upon us.
                                                                                                                            Samuel Rutherford

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